Obsessed with Startups

Hi! I'm Daniel. Every day, I see people struggling to turn great ideas into successful startups. Helping founders create good, scalable technology and build investable companies is what I do best. With three successful exits, and many years of technology experience, I can help you validate your idea, follow best practices, raise money, and scale your product and business. 

Not sure where to start? Just have a quick technical question? I'm a huge believer in the foundation of Boulder's startup community: Give First. I hold open office hours every Monday where entrepreneurs can come talk about anything. There's no sales pitch, no upsell, and no commitment. Just 30 minutes of conversation.

Long Thoughts

Short Thoughts

I love talking to aspiring entrepreneurs, tech people, and just about any other kind of person. I open up my calendar on Mondays for mentoring, chatting, and anything else people need. Grab some time and let's walk and talk!