Startups do best with experienced technical leadership.


Startups are hard, and fraught with peril. Whether you're wondering if that idea on a napkin is viable, or struggling to keep up with the explosive growth of your user base, mistakes can be costly or even disastrous. Unfortunately, there just aren't enough experienced technical cofounders for everyone. So entrepreneurs do the best they can. Perhaps they find a recent code school graduate build their MVP, or plan to hire an experienced CTO after the next big investment round. Honestly, this isn't a terrible strategy as long as they have a great technical advisor

That's what I do. I work as a part-time technical co-founder, a fractional CTO, or a short-term team member to get your startup over the next hurdle. Together, we'll figure out exactly how to build and scale your business to viability at the minimum cost. As you accumulate technical debt (which every company does), you'll know exactly what it is, and how much it will cost to catch up. When your investors are doing their due diligence, I'll be with you for the technical audit, so there won't be any surprises.

I've helped entrepreneurs raise millions of dollars, launch successful crowdfunding campaigns, and build solid, scalable applications. I've love you help you, too!