A old year of endings, a new year for beginnings.

2015 will be remembered as a year of endings. Virtually everything. All at once. This is the year that my marriage of 12 years ended, and the year that I shut down 9-1-1 Labs. 

I often tell people that failure is an important part of growth, and that there's something to be learned. Obviously, there will be time for post-mortems, lessons-learned, and new best-practices. At some point, I'll share those (about the company) here. But not today. Today is about being grateful for the absolute best part of my life: my daughter Zoey. It's also about starting to imagine what's next.

Because 2016 will be a year of beginnings. We have a new house, I have a new (and very different) life, and an opportunity to start the next thing. Now the question is: what's the next thing? Do I dust off an old idea and launch a new company? Find someone else with a great idea in search of a technical co-founder? Get a job with an existing company? So many choices, so much possibility. I'm excited about that. What should I choose?