Welcoming my new friend, 2017.

I think we are all pretty much in agreement that 2016 sucked. It had some good moments, of course. From a strictly personal growth standpoint, it was actually pretty fantastic for me. My relationship with myself is much better. My relationship with my daughter is stronger. Some absolutely wonderful people became part of my life over this year. So despite all the shit that 2016 pulled on us, right up to the last day, I'm going to cherish the few beautiful flowers growing through the atomic blast crater that was 2016.  

And at the same time, I'm excited for 2017. I think I have a workable business model that will allow me to do the thing about which I'm most passionate. I have the worlds greatest daughter, and the opportunity to see her grow into an even stronger, more confident young woman. I have people in my life who make me cherish both the present and the future, in ways I'd never believed possible. This is going to be a good year. 

I hope you all find the same optimism and love in your lives that we have in ours.  

Happy New Year!